Alex Kroke was born and raised on the sunny Mediterranean island of Sardinia where his family owned a hotel. Perhaps inspired by all the surrounding beauty, he took up photography at an early age and studied at the prestigious European Institute of Design. He eventually headed north to various career opportunities including a position as staff photographer for the Berlin Opera.
Alex came to New York in ’98 where a freelance photography assignment led to his discovery of Photoshop. He fell in love with it’s enormous possibilities and immediately shifted his focus to the digital realm.
Being born in the ‘capital of the world’, Robert Milazzo had no need to pursue career opportunities in different cities so he pursued different careers instead. After a brief fling as a fine artist (working in wood), he spent time as a package designer and advertising art director. Finally realizing that his hobby was his true love, he threw caution to the wind and decided to become a professional photographer. Ten years and a successful career later it looks like he made the right decision.
Copyright © 2000-2004 by 2MK Studio , New York Photography by Robert Milazzo, and Alex Kroke